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  • Step One

    1. Orange County Sheriff’s Office 

      Sheriff Mark A. Amos
      P.O. Box 445, Orange VA 22960

      Youth Academy 
       July 10 – July 14, 2023

    2. What is the Youth Academy? 

      The Youth Academy is a program developed to enhance the relationship between the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the youth of our community. The Youth Academy is designed to put students into leadership roles, overcome a confidence course, and instill the importance of teamwork. It is also designed to educate students, dispel misconceptions of law enforcement, and to give guidance to those interested in a career in the criminal justice field. 

    3. What will you learn?

      The participants will be given an overview of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, investigations and crime scene processing, the dangers of distracted driving and alcohol impairment, as well as Virginia Rules topics such as gang awareness, narcotics, and alcohol use. Participants will also receive training in CPR and firearm safety.

    4. Special participation Highlights will be…..

      • Tour of Central Virginia Regional Jail
      • Become CPR certified
      • Driving course while wearing Fatal Vision goggles
      • Firearm simulation training
    5. Other activities include…..

      • Hiking
      • Fishing
      • Volleyball
      • Disc golf
      • Team building challenges
      • And more…..
    6. Who can apply?

      The Youth Academy is open to all Orange County youth ages 14 to 18. Contact Lt. David McMaster with any questions at 540-672-1200; email: or Sarah Altman at 540-672-7204; email: