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Bidder's Application

  1. Orange County, Virginia
    Department of Management Services
    112 W. Main Street
    Orange, VA 22960

  2. Application Authorization
    It is the resopnsibility of the company to keep their applications current and to notify the Procurement Coordinator when changes occur regarding the products or services offered, address, ownership, or status of a bidder. Placement on the Bidder's List does not guarantee a receipt of a solicitation request. It is the bidder's responsibility to check the bid notices posted on this website and eVA (Virginia's electronic procurement site located at By checking the box you certifiy that the information supplied herein is correct and that neither the applicant nor any person in any connection with the applicant as a principal or officer, so far as it is known, is now disbarred or otherwise ineligible by any public agency from bidding for furnishing materials, supplies, or services to any agency thereof specified.
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