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Animal Shelter Lost Pet Form

  1. An image of a pawprint with a question mark in the middle.
  2. Animal Shelter Lost Pet Information Form

    Use this form to provide information about your lost pet. This will help us reconnect you if the animal should arrive at the shelter. Please be aware that the Orange County Animal Shelter does not conduct searches for lost animals.

    Please provide as much information as possible to help us identify your pet. The first section requests contact information for the owner of the animal. The second section requests information about the pet.

  3. Pet Lost*
  4. Sex of Animal*
  5. Spayed/Neutered
  6. Micropchipped

    Is the animal michrochipped?

  7. Collar/Tags

    Was the animal wearing a collar or tags when lost?

  8. What information is on the tag? What color is the collar? Etc.

  9. When was the animal lost? Be as specific as possible.

  10. Tell us as much as you can about where the animal was lost or last seen. Be as specific as possible.

  11. Upload a recent picture of your pet to help with positive identification. Be aware that we may share or use this image to assist in locating the pet. By uploading, you grant permission for photo use.

  12. Please tell us anything else we should know about the lost animal that might help us. For example: Is the animal aggressive? Will it run if chased? Does it have any identifiable markings? 

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