Does Orange County Parks & Recreation have a Facebook Page?
Yes. A link to our Facebook page is below. While we would love for you to like us on Facebook, we do not recommend using Facebook as the only way to receive information from OCPR. There are many factors that can lead to our posts not always showing up on your timeline. The best way to stay updated is our Notify Me system. This system is available through the envelope icon in the orange "Citizen Service Center" box on your screen.OCPR Facebook Page

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1. What do I need to do to register myself or my child for a program?
2. Can I register online?
3. Why should I pre-register for a program?
4. Can I register and/or pay for my/my child's program at the start of the first session?
5. How can I find out about new Parks & Recreation programs or events?
6. Where are your offices located?
7. When is the deadline to register for programs?
8. What forms of payment can you accept?
9. Can I pay for a program week to week or pay over time?
10. Are there any scholarship programs available?
11. What is the program cancellation policy?
12. I don't live in Orange County; can I still register myself or my child for an OCPR program?
13. Who should I contact to reserve a park, facility, or community room?
14. Can I donate to help fund Parks & Recreation programs, facilities, or events?
15. Does Orange County Parks & Recreation have a Facebook Page?
16. What is your refund policy?