How do I foster a pet?
If you have a big heart and some space in your home, please consider volunteering to foster a Shelter dog or cat. In many cases we have shy dogs, baby kittens and others who need a little TLC prior to going up for adoption. The Shelter provides all of the food, medicines, vet care, and supplies for fostered animals. Foster care can be easy or challenging depending upon the type of situation for which you sign up; it is totally your choice. Sometimes we are just crowded and need temporary homes for healthy, well-adjusted dogs and cats. Frequently, we have dogs undergoing Heartworm treatment--they just need a loving, calm home environment where they can be kept crated, quiet and hand-walked. During the warmer months, we often have orphaned kittens requiring bottle feeding. Please fill out a Volunteer Application, give us a call and come on out to see who needs you now! Please visit our Adoption Information page for more details.

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