Are there any scholarship programs available?
Yes, the Orange County Office on Youth offers a program called Michael's Gift as long as funds are available. This program will fund up to $100 per year, per child, with up to $60 provided at one time (these limits subject to change based upon funding). Please come into our offices to fill out an application for this program. Please be aware that this program is application based and funding is not guaranteed. If you are interested in supporting this program, please contact the Orange County Office on Youth. More Michael's Gift Information

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1. What do I need to do to register myself or my child for a program?
2. Can I register online?
3. Why should I pre-register for a program?
4. Can I register and/or pay for my/my child's program at the start of the first session?
5. How can I find out about new Parks & Recreation programs or events?
6. Where are your offices located?
7. When is the deadline to register for programs?
8. What forms of payment can you accept?
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10. Are there any scholarship programs available?
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12. I don't live in Orange County; can I still register myself or my child for an OCPR program?
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