Can I register and/or pay for my/my child's program at the start of the first session?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations or payment on-site at the beginning of a program unless otherwise noted. Please come to our offices in the Sedwick Building, located at 146 North Madison Road, Suite 205, Orange, Virginia 22960, and we can handle the registration and payment here. Alternatively, if you are unable to make it into our offices, we are usually able to accommodate registrations through fax and email. Call us at (540) 672-5435 if you have any questions. Please note that pre-registration for our programs is very important. Programs may be cancelled due to lack of interest if not enough pre-registrations are received. Don't wait. To ensure the viability of a program you are interested in, please register as soon as possible.

Online payment of most program registration fees can be completed through our Paymentus Service. We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone.

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4. Can I register and/or pay for my/my child's program at the start of the first session?
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