What do I need to get a permit?

To get a building permit for a site built home, bring three (3) sets of construction plans, a copy of the recoded plat, the zoning permit, and the health permit (both the zoning and health permits may be applied for at the same time as the building permit) to the Development Services Office, 128 W Main Street. There is a $100.00 plan review fee due at submittal. To get a building permit for a manufactured home, you will need the following additional information, a foundation plan or the manufacturers' installation manual and the HUD and Serial number if known. The plans will be reviewed and the permit fees figured will be due when your permit is picked up. NOTICE: Before any permits may be released they must have a 911 address assigned. To acquire a 911 address you must have your driveway in and four (4) house corners marked then call Building & Development Services at (540) 672-4574. Please contact Planning and Zoning Services for information on the calculation of land disturbance, bond information, and set back requirements. Building & Development Services will review your plans when the review is complete and you have obtained your initial erosion and sediment inspection. If an Erosion permit was issued, the 911 address has been assigned, and if permit is for a new structure Building & Development Services will notify you that the permit is ready for pick up and the amount of fees due.

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