REZ 22-02 Sabra LLC

Current Status: Board of Supervisors' Hearing

BOS Hearing - No Town Hall

Case Manager

Kyra Davis

Summary (Project Description from Narrative)

Sabra LLC's plan for 2 acres of tax map 12-39 is to build a medical center for the citizens of east Orange County and surrounding area.  Please see the attached preliminary plan.
As we all know, east Orange, with the growing population, is very much underserved of needed medical services.  
This amendment of the proffer, will very well align with the use of surrounding commercial use as set by Orange County Comprehensive Plan. 
This project will be one of the best economic and service developments any area could plan for with absolutely no adverse effect to surrounding neighboring communities, traffic, environment, or historical characteristics of Orange County.

With Regards, 
Mansour Azimpour

REZ 22-02 Application
REZ 22-02 Staff Report
REZ 22-01 ARC Comments
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