Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for the indexing, processing, and maintaining cases that have been certified to grand jury, felony and misdemeanor criminal appeal cases (including the indexing and processing of traffic appeal cases), and collecting court costs.

Circuit Court Fines and Costs

Court-imposed fines and court costs will be assessed against the defendant if convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, or found guilty of an appealed traffic violation. All court costs are assessed in accordance with the Code of Virginia. The Court accepts payment for criminal fines and costs by cash, money order, and check (the defendant's name/case number must be included on a check), or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 

Online Payments

Beginning February 1, 2020, the Orange County Circuit Court began accepting payment for criminal fines, costs, and restitution by credit card online through the Virginia Circuit Court online payment system.

Record Requests

Records held by the Circuit Court Clerk's Office are public record. However, some case files are confidential, and others may be sealed by the judge. Such cases are not available for public inspection. The Circuit Court Clerk's Office does not verify dates of birth or social security numbers.