Board of Supervisors Vision

Creating a Vision

In early 2012, the Orange County Board of Supervisors held a retreat and worked to collaborate and develop guiding principles for their continued work. After much deliberation, the Board drafted and adopted its Vision Statement for 2022, and named 14 prioritized tasks to accomplish in 2012 and 2013.

The Board agreed to the following purposes and principles to achieve success of its Vision for 2022: (1) a Vibrant Economy; (2) Effective, Reflective Government; and (3) Sustainable Land Use. It is the Board's hope that these guiding principles will focus their work to create a successful outcome for their Vision for 2022.

It is important to note that the Board of Supervisors Vision Statement for 2022 is not to be confused with the County's Vision Statement as noted in the Comprehensive Plan. The Board's Vision Statement is intended to guide the work of the Board to accomplish their Vision for the future of the county.

Board of Supervisors Vision Statement for 2022

Orange County is a great place to live and have a business because of our shared values, strong sense of community, and friendly interactions among residents and visitors.

Orange County is a vibrant community that provides opportunities for all of its citizens. It is a great place to start and grow a business, and therefore can provide a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for its residents and visitors. Our successful economy allows us to sustain the characteristics we value and enjoy.

Through effective management, Orange County government reflects citizens' priorities for a small government with limited but highly effective services and strives to keep taxes affordable for all residents.

Orange County is a community that carefully plans for and communicates its desired future in order to protect its historic and natural resources while accommodating the business activity necessary to sustain our quality of life.

The Board achieves these outcomes through success with the following purposes and principles:

A Vibrant Economy

We envision the economy of Orange County with a mix of businesses that provide a variety of employment opportunities as well as the goods and services desired by our citizens.

We create economic development plans that ensure sufficient, properly zoned and located areas that are compatible the desired characteristics of our community.

We know the economy is bolstered by the commitment of its local, regional, state, and federal partners to provide and constantly improve the elements that are the prerequisites of successful economic development, including:

  • Available sites in desirable locations that have the necessary infrastructure, quality public facilities, and adequate transportation networks
  • Comprehensive regulatory framework that has a supportive permitting process
  • Quality schools that prepare students for college and/or additional workforce training to create a skilled and adaptable workforce
  • Fiscally sound government with competitive tax policies that is a credible partner in economic development
  • Quality of place that includes cultural, recreational, and leisure opportunities
  • Community support for an expanding economy

Effective, Reflective Government

  • We want a county government that is reflective of citizens' needs.
  • We encourage citizen input through effective communication and active participation to aid in developing policies that move the county in a prosperous direction.
  • We actively participate with other elected boards and officials to ensure that we promote our mutual interests and better governance.
  • We focus on having a small and efficient government that provides core services.
  • We recognize that our volunteers and civic organizations supplement county services and substantially contribute to the quality of life for Orange County citizens.
  • Our Capital Improvement Plan is a critical planning document that reflects our priorities and commitment to funding.
  • Our Vision encourages the Board to work toward a high level of consensus for the collective good of the citizenry.

Sustainable Land Use

  • We support land use planning that provides long-term direction, preserves our natural and historic resources, and promotes sustainable development.
  • In planning for land use, we evaluate where we want to go, work from real information, consider adjacent jurisdictions, and give direction to others.
  • We continuously review and improve our regulatory processes to make sure that they are consistent and easy for citizens to use.
  • We carefully plan for public and private facilities and infrastructure so that they support future development.

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