REZ 22-01 Village Road

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BOS Hearing - No Town Hall

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Kyra Davis

Summary (Project Description from Narrative)

My wife and I own a small water treatment company, Complete Care of VA, that supplies water softeners, iron filters, neutralizers, and the like equipment to customers all over Virginia.   

We recently purchased 23325 Village Road, Unionville VA 22567. We want to move our office to this location and have a place to store our equipment. We knew the property was C-2 but didn’t know there was conditional for an auction house.  We would like to change the status from auction house to our office and warehouse.  

The auction house used to bring many people throughout the week and cause heavier traffic on the weekends.   We are a small community business that operates in Orange County and pays taxes in Orange County.  We are not a retail establishment, so the people and traffic volume will be much less than previously.

We want to keep with the small village setting and quaint area.   We want to be a positive influence to the village by taking an abandoned building that wasn’t being taken care of and keep the building up and also will raise the value of the homes around it.  

We live and work in the county, so our goal is to work together and create a great environment for the all the neighbors involved.   

*Staff notes that the application would amend previous conditions/ proffers put on the property.

REZ 22-01 Application

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