Senior Crime Prevention Presentations

Senior Crime Prevention Presentations teach individuals how to recognize and avoid becoming victims of scams, fraud, financial exploitation, or elder abuse.

Seniors are frequent targets of scams and fraud, often perpetrated online, and resulting in billions of dollars of losses.  Many of these crimes are not reported to law enforcement, in turn makes the scope of the problem larger than statistics show.  Seniors are often targeted because they have accumulated wealth over a lifetime, may be lonely, may be less able to identify a scam due to cognitive or memory issues, and tend to be more trusting of authority.

Elder financial exploitation takes many forms and may be perpetrated in-person, through the mail, on the phone, via TV/radio, or online. 

Elder abuse can also be physical, psychological, or emotional.

Triad offers a variety of crime prevention presentations to community groups in Orange County.  Information can be tailored to the needs and concerns of the participants.

To request a crime prevention presentation for your community group, organization, or business, please call our TRIAD Coordinator at (540) 672-1536.