SUP 22-02 A&M Auto 

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Please note application name change from SUP 12-02 Amendment to SUP 22-02.

Case Manager

Eric Bittner

Summary (Project Description from Narrative)

A&M Repair and towing established in May of 2010. They have shown an increase in business; by May of 2014-475%, 2018-63% increase, 2020-50%, and for 2021 an additional 20%. Serving as the largest towing company in Orange County. A&M also sponsors local sports teams within the county.

There are two parcels referenced on the GIS overlay, The Beveridges own both parcels. However, the
business is conducted on 44J only.

A&M serves over one hundred square miles, including all County and Government Vehicles to include
the school system. A&M also proudly serves ALL local fire & rescue with training vehicles. These vehicles
are donated and disposed of by A&M at no charge. Training is provided on-site at A&M Repair by
multiple Fire & Rescue agencies.

As business grew A&M needed to expand, a 40x60 addition was constructed on the existing shop, this
addition is noted in the SUP presented and is fully in compliance with Orange County building code.
Additionally, there is a need for office space and a client waiting area, also presented is a 30x40 office
area which will offer a waiting area and restroom.

The boundary line adjustment (approx. ¾ acre) will be conducted on lot 44H to expand 44J and bring it
into conformity with the proposed SUP. This is where the row of 10 trees (replacements for dead ones)
will be planted as a buffer between the lots 44J and 44H. The Junk area has become a much-needed
asset and is key to the success of this business as parts are becoming nearly impossible to located for
some vehicles, additionally the donated training vehicles for the fire & rescue are stored in that area.

The entrance to the shop is just past a curve, with the size of the equipment that A&M provides there is
a safety concern with entering and exiting gold dale road. To combat this there has been a gravel spot
established on lot 44h to allow safely entering and exiting. Due to the location of A&M this is the SAFEST way
to enter and exit the property, this lot (44H) is NOT used to store any customer vehicles. 
The entrance was done
by VDOT and meets all requirements, there also has been buffer trees planted along the road in
compliance with County ordinance.

SUP 22-02 A&M Auto Revision Letter
SUP 22-02 Supplemental Narrative
SUP 22-02 A&M Concept Plan
SUP 12-02 Ordinance
Initial SUP 12-02 Amendment Application and Narrative
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