Programs & Services

Below, is an overview of the programs and services that Orange County Triad provides.

Emergency Wristband ID 

A free wristband with a personal ID number that enables first responders to access medical information in and emergency.

Click here for more information or to request a wristband.

File of Life

File of Life is a summary of your important medical information to be kept in the home and available for first responders in case of an emergency.

Click here for more information or to request a File of Life packet.

Guardian Alert 911 Pendant

Guardian Alert 911 pendent is a small, portable device to call 911 with the touch of a button and no monthly fee.

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Home Security Surveys

A trained crime prevention specialist assesses your home and surrounding property for ways to make your home more secure.

Learn more about home security surveys, or request a visit.

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a wristband radio transmitter that enables first responders to quickly locate a lost individual.

Learn more about Project Lifesaver.

Senior Crime Prevention Presentations

Learn how to protect against scams, fraud, financial exploitation, abuse, and other crimes that target seniors.

Learn more about requesting a presentation for your group.

Senior Referrals

If you have concerns about a senior citizen or questions about Triad programs and services, please contact the Triad Coordinator, Deputy Ron Kesner, at (540) 672-1536.

In case of immediate danger, or a medical emergency, dial 911.