REZ 20-01 Signature Station 

Current Status:

PC Hearing - No Town Hall

Staff Lead

Eric Bittner


Signature Station was a 75.8-acre development approved as a rezoning  in 2013 (REZ11-01). The project was approved with several proffered conditions and was to include 230 townhomes and up to 237,500 square feet of commercial space. The site is located adjacent to the Locust Grove Wal-Mart.

REZ20-01 is an application to substantially amend those proffered conditions.


Application materials and the staff report are available under agenda item #7 on the Planning Commission's October 6, 2022 meeting agenda.

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For questions regarding REZ 20-01, please email Planning & Zoning Services.


Disclaimer: The map shows the general location of the project.