REZ 20-01 Signature Station 

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Sandra Thornton

Summary (Project Description from Narrative)

Signature Station will be one of Orange County’s newest mixed-use communities. This
community is designed to provide residents with a place to work, shop and live while enjoying the
rural surroundings of northern Orange County. This project will provide the County with a much
needed infusion of commercial tax base and an enclave of housing options that together will
address two pressing needs in the County.

The Property contains 75.8 acres and has nearly 1400 linear feet of frontage directly on
Route 3 and approximately 1200 feet of frontage along Route 708 (Somerset Ridge Road). A
third access to the site is provided along Hampton Lane. Hampton Lane is a 30 foot wide private
access easement along the west side of the property. On the east, the site is adjacent to the
former Thorburn tract.

A major Virginia Power transmission line and associated easements bisect the property
in a north-south direction. The easement is 235 feet wide and currently has a single series of
transmission towers within the easement. The power lines are located in the southern and
western portion of the easement, meaning that if additional power lines were to be added, they
would most likely be located to the north and east of the existing lines

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