Pending Zoning Cases

The pending Zoning Cases, listed below, are updated weekly on Fridays with current status information. You can find more information about each case by selecting a case number.

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Applicant: KEG III Associates, LLC
Staff: Eric Bittner
District 5

REZ 20-01
Applicant: Signature Series Development, LLC
District 4

SUP 22-02 A&M Auto
Applicant: A&M Auto
Staff: Keri Ragland
District 5

SUP 22-01 Sweet Springs Solar
Applicant: Hexagon
Staff: Keri Ragland
District 2

Current Status: EXPIRED

Staff Report

Current Status: BOS Worksession

BOS Hearing

Current Status: PC Hearing

App Review

Current Status: BOS Hearing

BOS Hearing

REZ 22-01 Village Road
Applicant: Complete Care of VA
Staff: Kyra Davis
District 2

REZ 22-02 Sabra LLC
Applicant: Mansour Azimpour
Staff: Kyra Davis
District 4 East

Current Status: Staff Report

BOS Hearing

Current Status: Application Review

ARC Review