Farm Buildings & Structures

In accordance with Section 102.3 effective July 1, 2021 of the 2018 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VA. USBC), farm buildings or structures are exempt from regulation by the VA.USBC. As such, the Building Code Office requires no inspections, and none will be performed. Also, issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy is not required, and none will be issued. Farm Building Structure:

A building or structure, not used for residential purposes, located on property where farming operations take place, and used primarily for any of the following uses or combination thereof:

1. Storage, handling, production, display, sampling or sale of agricultural, horticultural, floricultural or silvicultural products produced on the farm.

2. Sheltering, raising, handling, processing or sale of agricultural animals or agricultural animal products.

3. Business or office uses relating to the farm operations.

4. Use of farm machinery or equipment or maintenance or storage of vehicles, machinery or equipment on the farm.

5. Storage or use of supplies and materials used on the farm.

6. Implementation of best management practices associated with farm operations.

However, farm buildings and structures lying with a flood plain or in a mudslide-prone area shall be subject to flood-proofing regulations or mudslide regulation, as applicable.

A building or a portion of a building located on a farm that is operated as a restaurant as defined in Section 35.1-1 of the Code of Virginia and licensed as such by the Virginia Board of Health pursuant to Chapter 2 (Section 35.1-11 et seq.) of Title 35.1 of the code of Virginia is not exempt from regulation by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.


A farm is a tract, or plot, of land devoted to agricultural purposes, or to the raising of animals or livestock; or a tract of water devoted to the artificial cultivation of aquatic life.

Farm Buildings or Structures Exemption Form

Orange County Zoning Chapter 70-1 Definitions

Farm means a parcel of land not less than five acres which is actively used for the commercial, soil-dependent cultivation of agricultural crop production and/or for the raising of livestock and which generates at least $1,000.00 per year in gross sales.

Farm enterprise means an agricultural or silvicultural based process, activity or business use of a property that is subordinate to and conducted in conjunction with an ongoing bona fide agricultural, horticultural, aquacultural or silvicultural operation, pursuant to § 3.2-300, VA Code Ann. Activities of a farm enterprise may include the following uses: secondary processing and sale of agricultural, horticultural, aquacultural or silvicultural products grown or raised on-site. Other permitted uses include farm tours, petting, feeding and viewing of farm animals, hayrides, crop mazes, animal walks, horse and pony rides, and carriage rides.

Farm or food products means any agricultural, horticultural, forest or other product of the soil or water, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, meat and meat products, poultry and poultry products, fish and fish products, grain and grain products, honey or similar items, nuts, maple and sorghum products, apple cider, fruit juice, wine, ornamental or vegetable plants, nursery products, livestock feed, or baked goods