GIS Information

Orange County Crest.pngOrange County maintains several different types of information about land in the County as spatial or geographic data within our Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS offers users the ability to view many different kinds of information on one digital map. It is a powerful tool with which someone can capture, manipulate, analyze, and present any information that can be geographically referenced to a spot on Earth’s surface or, more specifically, within Orange County. GIS has proven to be indispensable for effective, insightful planning and policy making.

The County's tax parcel viewer displays various information about land in the County, such as tax parcels, roads, floodplain, zoning, topography, etc., as "layers" that can be turned on and off to customize the map view. Users may also search for and view tabular data, such as tax parcel ownership, draw text and other shapes, measure distances, and print.

The County is excited to announce the launch of Orange Open Data. Orange Open Data is the County’s data repository where users can download layers and data made available in GIS or other applications. Data can be downloaded as a Spreadsheet, KML, or Shapefile. Orange County provides this data as a free and open resource.

Users with personal GIS software (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS or Google Earth) can search for individual data layers to download by accessing Orange Open Data.

Questions and comments about the GIS, as well as notifications of potential mapping inaccuracies, should be sent via email to Jim Whipp.

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