Orange County Broadband Authority (FiberLync)

The Orange County Broadband Authority (FiberLync) recognizes there is an increasing residential and commercial demand for affordable and reliable high-speed broadband as well as an inescapable need to use broadband to deliver efficient and effective local government services and promote economic development.

Orange County is predominately a rural community that has limited high-speed broadband availability. Currently private sector broadband companies are unable to provide affordable, high-speed broadband service due to large upfront capital expenses with a relatively small potential customer base to produce profitable revenue.

FiberLync's solution to our broadband problem is a multi-faceted. Leverage dark fiber connectivity assets to schools and public safety facilities by upsizing the fiber counts along with building multi-tenant towers to support first responders radio system. By significantly reducing capital expense barriers for private service providers, we will be able to recruit new Internet Service Providers (ISP) to our community to provide affordable, reliable high-speed broadband options for unserved and underserved Orange County's citizens and businesses.

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