Fall Programs

Fall Programs Quick Glance Table, Details Below:

Program:For:Location(s):Dates:Days:Times:Fee:Registration Deadline (Late Fee)
Tai Chi Fundamentals Fall: Section IAges 18+Orange Train Depot Community RoomNov. 9 - Dec. 28, 21Tuesdays6-7pm$80
Tai Chi Fundamentals Fall: Section IIAges 18+Orange Train Depot Community RoomNov. 9 - Dec. 28, 21Tuesdays7-8pm$80

Tai Chi Fundamentals Sections I & II

Tai Chi continues this fall at a new location INDOORS. Have fun learning this graceful, slow moving form of exercise that has ancient roots tracing back into the depths of Chinese culture and philosophy of centuries past. Section I will cover the 1st Third of Cheng Man Ching’s simplified Tai Chi Ch’uan (37 posture form), while Section II will cover the 2nd third. Section II registration will require demonstration of proficiency with the first third of the class, as determined by the instructor. Both classes will be held in the Orange Train Depot on Tuesday evenings, with Section II immediately following Section I. You must pre-register before attending. The registration fee is $80 for either class. Call (540) 672-5435 if you’re interested in registering. For more information about Tai Chi, please visit: www.floatingcloudtaichi.org. As an indoor program, masks will be required.

Basic Hunter Education Course - CANCELLED

Please see the DWR Hunter Education webpage for other class opportunities.