About Your Supervisor - District Two

Supervisor James "Jim" K. White, Vice Chairman

22373 Berry Run Road
Orange, Virginia 22960
(540) 672-1517
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Term Expires: December 31, 2023

Portrait of Supervisor James K. White

District Two Boundaries:

Beginning at the point where Beaver Creek crosses the Orange County and Louisa County boundary; thence northwesterly with Beaver Creek to its confluence with Cooks Creek; thence northwesterly with Cooks Creek to the point it crosses under Black Oak Road; thence westerly along Black Oak Road to Mountain Track Road (Route 638); thence northwesterly along Mountain Track Road to Little Zion Road (Route 688); thence northeasterly along Little Zion Road to Tomahawk Creek Road (Route 637); thence easterly along Tomahawk Creek Road to Monrovia Road (Route 612); thence northeasterly along Monrovia Road to Brick Church Road (Route 631); thence northeasterly along Brick Church Road to Lahore Road (Route 629); thence northerly along Lahore Road to Constitution Highway (Route 20); thence northeasterly along Constitution Highway to Germanna Highway (Route 3); thence easterly along Germanna Highway to the point it crosses the Orange Spotsylvania County line; thence southwesterly with the Orange County and Spotsylvania County boundary and the Orange County and Louisa County boundary to the beginning.