EMS Revenue Recovery

Orange County EMS

Using a customer service philosophy, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of Orange County strives to provide the best possible EMS to its citizens and visitors. Our system, consisting of volunteers and career personnel, are trained and equipped to enable us to give you around-the-clock service. We do this with compassion, competence, and a sense of duty to the citizens we serve.

The Revenue Recovery Program

The Revenue Recovery program, which consists of billing for EMS services, began in Orange County on January 1, 2006. We want residents to know, without fail, that no one will ever be denied service because of their inability to pay or lack of health insurance. Remember to always call 911 in an emergency, regardless of your billing concerns. Our first priority is your health and safety, not cost recovery.

We designed this program to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses for county residents. The recent changes in Federal Regulations allow the County to use existing taxes (real-estate and personal property) to qualify as the co-pay for county residents. Therefore, after a patient’s insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid are billed for services, we will waive the remaining co-pays and deductibles for all in-county residents.

Serving Our Communities

The demand for EMS services dedicated to our residents continues to grow, in recognition of the needs of the people we serve we strive to provide the best service possible. The foundation upon which we provide this service is the many dedicated volunteers and career personnel that operate the ambulances each day. Our commitment is to provide you with the best medical care possible. We are proud and privileged to do so.

For billing questions, please contact MED3000 at (866) 631-4452