TRIAD - Keeping Seniors Safe

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In 1988, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Sheriff's Association (NSA) signed a cooperative agreement to address the crime prevention needs of older citizens. Today, this Triad provides services to our older citizens along with numerous other organizations that work directly with older adults.

Triad is an integral part of community policing, with a focus on reducing unwarranted fear of crime and on improving the quality of life for seniors. Older Americans comprise the most rapidly growing segment of the population. Increased life expectancy is leading to new programs and issues for the criminal justice system as communities, including Orange County, experience a dramatic increase in the number of older persons.

Primary Goals of Triad

  • Reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens.
  • Enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to this population.
  • Provide opportunities for exchange of information between law enforcement and senior citizens.

Public Education

Orange County Triad also provides presentations for the older citizens of the County, which assist them in dealing with a multitude of scams aimed at the elderly: identity theft, alzheimer's, autism, investment fraud, and concerning protecting our seniors in a down economy.

For questions about the Triad program, please contact Deputy Ron Kesner at (540) 672-1536.