SUP 23-09 A&M Auto

Current Status:

ARC Review

Staff Lead

Eric Bittner


This is an application for renewal of a Special Use Permit (SUP) approved in 2022. A&M Auto was originally approved via SUP 12-02 in 2012 to operate an auto repair garage located at 8475 Gold Dale Rd in Locust Grove (tax parcel 36-44J). The owner received approval of an amendment to that application in 2022 via SUP 22-02. That SUP was approved with a condition (#4f) that limited the permit validity to a 2-year period and also required the owner to apply to renew the SUP within 1 year of the 2022 approval. SUP 23-09 is to satisfy that condition. The applicant seeks to continue the existing auto repair garage use along with ancillary uses (e.g. impoundment yard, etc.).



For questions regarding SUP 23-09, please contact the Staff Lead.