REZ 22-04 Wright

Current Status:

This application is active, but was suspended by the applicant in February 2023.

Staff Lead

Eric Bittner


This is a proposed rezoning of a portion of tax parcel 44-41 located on Old Gordonsville Rd just southeast of the Town of Orange. The property is currently zoned general industrial (I-2) in the rear and general residential (R-2) in the front. The application proposes to rezone the R-2 portion to I-2 so the property will have a consistent, single zoning classification. 


The staff report, application, and related documents are available under Item 6b. on the Planning Commission's January 5, 2023 meeting agenda.

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For questions regarding REZ 22-04, please email the Staff Lead.


Disclaimer: The map shows the general location of the project.