SUP 22-04 Madison Solar

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Keri Ragland

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 An application by Sol Madison Solar, LLC to amend conditions from the previously approved SUP 17-06  which restrict disturbance and construction activity within the FEMA Flood Zone A.  The current SUP allows for construction of a 62.5 megawatt solar facility spanning 400 acres within Tax Parcels 21-40, 21-40B and 35-4.  Changes to this SUP would not affect the approved use of the solar facility or other conditions approved in the Board Ordinance.   Resubmittal of specific governing documents which pertain to the five stream crossings are the only changes being reconsidered for approval. 

SUP 22-04 Application
SUP 22-04 Madison Solar Wetlands Crossings
SUP 22-04 Conditions
SUP 17-06 Application
SUP 17-06 Concept Plan
SUP 17-06 Board of Supervisors Approval Dec 8, 2017

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