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Dog Tags

All dogs four (4) months and up are required to have an Orange County Dog Tag. You must provide proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination and spay/neuter verification at the time of purchase. Dog tags are available all year at the Treasurer’s office and at the Orange County Animal Shelter. We also offer Kennel tags for anyone with over five (5) dogs but you must have a kennel on your property to properly display your Kennel license.

Please review our price list below to determine which tag type you are eligible for. 

All tags expire January 31st.

Dog Tag Application

Valid for One Year:
Male/Female: $10.00
Unsexed: $ 5.00
Duplicate: $ 1.00

Valid for Two Years:

Valid for Three Years:
Male/Female: $30.00
Unsexed: $ 15.00

Kennel Tags:
10 Kennel $25.00
20 Kennel $35.00
30 Kennel $45.00
40 Kennel $50.00
50 Kennel $50.00