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Dog Tags
All dogs four months old or older must have an Orange County dog tag. Kennel tags of various sizes and amounts are also sold. Dog tags are sold all year in the Treasurer’s office, at the Animal Shelter. You must provide proof of your dog's rabies vaccination and sex. The dog tags expire each year on January 31st. The tags for a new year are sold beginning November 1st and are due by January 31st.

Valid for One Year:
Male/Female: $10.00
Unsexed: $ 5.00
Duplicate: $ 1.00

Valid for Three Years:
Male/Female: $30.00
Unsexed: $ 15.00

Kennel Tags:
10 Kennel $25.00
20 Kennel $35.00
30 Kennel $45.00
40 Kennel $50.00
50 Kennel $50.00

The following veterinarian offices currently sell County dog tags:
Lakewood Animal Hospital
Dr. Amy Olson
36097 Goodwin Drive
Locust Grove, VA 22508
(540) 972- 2203

Locust Grove Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Anita B. Walton
4092 Germanna Highway
Locust Grove, VA 22508
(540) 972-3869