Trash and Debris Ordinance

On May 10, 2016, the Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted a Trash and Debris Ordinance. The Trash and Debris Ordinance states that, "no owner of any lot or parcel of land within the county shall permit to remain on the lot or parcel, any Household Garbage or any furniture, appliances, or other substances that are ordinarily and customarily located in the interior of a dwelling, which are visible from the road or any adjoining lot, and are reasonably liable to endanger the health of any person or injuriously affect public health or safety."

View the Orange County Code of Ordinances to examine the complete language.

Administrative Policy

View the Administrative Policy regulating the Trash and Debris Ordinance.

For More Information

For questions regarding the Trash and Debris Ordinance, please contact the County Administrator's Office at (540) 672-3313.