2020 General Reassessment

Orange County Real Estate Assessment Appeal Process

The citizens of the County determine the value of real estate in Orange County by buying and selling properties in arms-length transactions, thus creating the real estate market. The County utilizes the services of a third-party assessment firm to interpret the real estate market and determine assessments in an equitable manner. If a property owner believes that their assessment does not represent fair market value, is not equitable with similar properties in the County, or contains a factual error about the property, the County has the following process for the appeal of a property assessment:

1. Assessor’s Review (Factual Errors Only)

If a property record includes information about a property that is not correct, the property owner or agent may request an Assessor’s Review. Factual errors may be corrected at any time, and may result in an increase, decrease, or no change to a property assessment.

2. Administrative Appeal

If a property owner or agent feels that the property assessment does not represent fair market value, or if the property is not uniformly assessed in comparison with like properties in the County, then the owner may request an administrative appeal.

ADMINISTRATIVE APPEAL DEADLINE: December 4, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

As a result of an administrative appeal, assessments may increase, decrease, or reflect no change. If owners are dissatisfied with the result of an administrative appeal, they may file a formal appeal to the Board of Equalization.

3. Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeal

If the administrative appeal process does not resolve the concern, then the owner or their agent may request a BOE Appeal.


The appeal form must be complete when submitted and include any documents that will be presented to the Board of Equalization.

Owners must attempt to prove that a property’s market value is either inaccurate or inequitable when compared to similar property types. State law puts the burden of proof on the owner to show that the assessment is incorrect (Virginia Code §58.1-3379).

Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office for assistance in finding sales and comparable assessments in the appraisal neighborhood.

BOE Appeal Form

4. File Suit in Circuit Court

Owners who do not agree with the ruling of the Board of Equalization may appeal their assessment to the Orange County Circuit Court. This is not an administrative procedure and filings must be made to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The property owner may need to secure the services of an attorney to make the necessary filings to the Circuit Court.

Submitting Forms and Information

Forms can be submitted in the following ways:

Orange County
General Assessment
P. O. Box 111
Orange, Virginia 22960

(540) 672-1679