Summer Programs

Summer Adult Programs Quick Glance Table, Details Below:






Registration Deadline
(Late Fee):
Tai Chi Fundamentals, Summer 2: Section IAges 18+Booster ParkAugust 17 - October 5, 2021Tuesdays6:30-7:30pm$80
Tai Chi Fundamentals, Summer 2: Section IIAges 18+Booster ParkAugust 19 - October 7, 2021Thursdays6:30-7:30pm$80
Concealed Carry Training ClassAges 21+, Residency Restrictions ApplySheriff's Office Practice RangeJuly 10, 2021Saturday9am-1pm$306/25/21 (STRICT DEADLINE)
"Would Chuck" Disc Golf LeagueAges 16+Orange County Disc Golf CourseAugust 4 - September 22, 2021WednesdaysStart at 6pm$20Space Limited to 12

Tai Chi Fundamentals: Sections I & II - Start Dates Postponed to 8/17 and 8/19

Tai Chi continues this summer outdoors at Booster Park in August & September. Have fun learning this graceful, slow moving form of exercise that has ancient roots tracing back into the depths of Chinese culture and philosophy of centuries past. We are pleased to announce the new offering of a Section II class. Section I will cover the 1st Third of Cheng Man Ching’s simplified Tai Chi Ch’uan (37 posture form), while Section II will cover the 2nd third. Section II registration will require demonstration of proficiency with the first third of the class, as determined by the instructor. Section I will be held on Tuesdays, Section II on Thursdays. All classes will be held at Booster Park, under cover but outdoors, in the evenings from 6:30-7:30pm.  You must pre-register before attending. The registration fee is $80 for either class. Call (540) 672-5435 if you’re interested in registering. For more information about Tai Chi, please visit:

Concealed Carry Training Class

Concealed weapons are weapons which are kept hidden on one's person, or under one's control not accessible to view.  Lawful practice of concealed carry in Virginia requires a Concealed Carry Permit, which requires the completion of an approved firearms safety course to prove handgun competency. We understand that it may be difficult for the average citizen to find training or classes that are inexpensive. For this reason, Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Orange County Parks & Recreation have partnered to offer concealed carry training classes at a minimum cost ($30/person) to Orange County Citizens and to those who work in Orange County. Participants must be 21 years of age or older and either be an Orange County, VA resident or work in Orange County, VA.  They must be eligible to possess a firearm and pass a background check to the satisfaction of the Sheriff’s Office. The training consists of education in the classroom to include safety, laws, shooting  fundamentals, storage, maintenance, and legal considerations. Students will also have to demonstrate safe weapon handling on the range, and must bring their own firearm and ammunition. Instructors are Sheriff’s Office staff and DCJS Certified Firearms Instructors.  For more information about concealed carry, visit: This class has limited space available and may close before the deadline. The registration deadline (2 weeks prior to class date) is VERY STRICT, and all participants will be required to submit to background screening. Signups for this program will require notarization of some parts of registration packet, the OCPR office will notarize documents for registration in our programs at no charge, but please call ahead to verify notary availability.

"Would Chuck" Disc Golf League

We're pleased to announce a new adult league program, hosted at our Disc Golf Course! This league will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm at the course, Aug. 4 - Sept. 22, 2021. Scores will be recorded for each player, each week, with the best performing player will receive the highest points for that week. The cumulative point total will decide final standings. Got a vacation scheduled? No worries, we'll drop your lowest score to allow for a missed week (or a particularly bad round). Non-monetary prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the program, and all participants will receive a commemorative bag-tag. This a new pilot program and space is limited to 12 participants, so don't delay. Registration is $25 per person. Call (540) 672-5435 to start the registration process.

Stay tuned for more Summer 2021 programs.