TRIAD Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to fulfill our programs and to add more programs. There are currently hundreds of TRIAD volunteers across the Commonwealth of Virginia who assist with TRIAD activities on a regular basis. Orange County TRIAD is blessed with an active volunteer base, which includes local law enforcement as well as seniors who work after hours and on their days off to bring programs to the community. TRIAD recruits volunteers in a variety of ways. Some volunteers are local senior leaders who have chosen to be a part of crime prevention in their community. Volunteers help in many ways. A volunteer may be trained to go out into the community and train other seniors on how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of frauds or scams. Volunteers also assist with finding local speakers and with getting the word out in Orange County when crime prevention days or a seminar is scheduled.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the TRIAD team, please complete this online interest form, or contact the TRIAD Coordinator at (540) 672-1536.